New Jersey Association for Clean and Renewable Energy

Powering New Jersey’s Future through Diverse, Reliable and Renewable Energy Sources

The New Jersey Association for Clean Renewable Energy (NJACRE) is a non-profit, non-partisan, membership-led, advocacy organization dedicated to supporting New Jersey’s energy needs and infrastructure sector as it transitions to a cleaner energy future. NJACRE publicly supports and advocates for the inclusion of safe, reliable, clean and innovative energy technologies, while ensuring that our state’s growing energy demands are met and maintaining economic needs.

The mission of NJACRE is to support and promote the integration of a multitude of clean energy transition concepts that can help New Jersey achieve it’s clean energy goals, while ensuring that this transition is affordable to consumers and continues to provide that same level of energy reliability we need to run our homes and businesses.

These technologies include but are not limited to, hydrogen gas technology, renewable natural gas, and energy storage systems and infrastructure.

About Us

New Jersey Association for Clean and Renewable Energy, a New Jersey non-stock, nonprofit corporation, is organized and operated as a social welfare organization within the meaning of Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code (the “Code”). New Jersey Clean and Renewable Energy is a non-partisan organization that advocates for the common good through prudent public policy that is born of competing ideas, honed by vigorous debate, and filtered for its effectiveness and wisdom. We promote policies that result in responsible public and private investment in energy infrastructure based upon science.

New Jersey Association for Clean and Renewable Energy qualifies for exemption under Code Section 501(c)(4), because it is neither organized nor operated for profit, and it is operated exclusively for the promotion of social welfare. See Treas. Reg. § 1.501(c)(4)-1(a)(1). It is operated exclusively for the promotion of social welfare See Treas. Reg. § 1.501(c)(4)-1(a)(2). The directors, officers, and chosen consultants of the organization will be engaged in such activity.

Dennis Culnan, Jr.

Dennis brings over 20 years of experience working in the New Jersey government and politics with a sustained focus on energy and transportation issues.
Timothy White
President, NJACRE
Tim is a veteran, New Jersey public affairs, government relations, and communications executive with decades of experience working in the energy transportation and utility industry.

NJACRE focuses on three areas crucial to New Jersey’s clean energy future

Hydrogen Gas Technology

HYDROGEN gas is an abundant, carbon-neutral energy source that can provide tremendous beneficial and practical applications.

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Renewable Natural Gas

RENEWABLE NATURAL GAS (RNG) is a well-established source of abundant, clean energy that has not yet been utilized widely in New Jersey.

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Energy Storage Systems & Infrastructure

ENERGY STORAGE is the connective tissue to New Jersey’s clean energy future and the key to a reliable clean energy system.

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