HyPoint and GTL ultra-light liquid hydrogen tanks could be a jet fuel game changer

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The new cryogenic H2 tank technology could substantially boost the range of fuel cell aircraft.

HyPoint and GTL have been developing a groundbreaking liquid hydrogen cryotank design that could turn the entire aircraft industry on its head.

These ultra-light tanks would give H2 planes a range that is up to 4 times greater than jet fueled aircraft.
When it comes to changing fuels in aircraft, weight is among the primary challenges that must be overcome. Liquid hydrogen already has excellent energy storage per weight, making it more practical than lithium batteries when it comes to powering flights. That said, the new air-cooled fuel cell technology HyPoint is developing could give H2 the boost it needs in terms of making its power density competitive with jet fuel. In fact, they are so lightweight, and their power output is so high, that they could make greenhouse gas emitting jet fuel completely obsolete.

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