Our Focus

NJACRE focuses on three areas crucial to New Jersey’s clean energy future:
  • Hydrogen Gas Technology
  • Renewable Natural Gas
  • Energy Storage Systems & Infrastructure

HYDROGEN gas is an abundant, carbon-neutral energy source that can provide tremendous beneficial and practical applications. As the industry evolves, hydrogen can be used to heat homes, produce electricity and be stored as a ready-to-use backup energy generation system for solar and wind. As the epicenter of the emerging offshore wind energy sector, New Jersey is uniquely positioned to benefit from the dual benefits of electricity from the ocean wind and hydrogen harvested from seawater at the wind farms.

RENEWABLE NATURAL GAS (RNG) is a well-established source of abundant, clean energy that has not yet been utilized widely in New Jersey. The technology for RNG to be developed and deployed into pipelines has improved exponentially in recent years and New Jersey is primed to take advantage of this emerging energy technology.

ENERGY STORAGE is the connective tissue to New Jersey’s clean energy future and the key to a reliable clean energy system. Energy generated through renewables like solar and offshore wind requires storage systems to capture the excess energy produced during off-peak hours. Energy Storage can be fuel cells, electric storage, pump systems, hydrogen storage, electric vehicles, and RNG storage. Storage will be key to ensure the reliability of energy grid because solar and
offshore wind are intermittent energy sources. Ensuring reliability of the grid will be imperative for renewable generation to be successful in New Jersey.