How H2 Clipper’s Pipe-within-a-pipe technology could revolutionise hydrogen transportation

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H2 Clipper continues to create shockwaves throughout the hydrogen industry with its innovative hydrogen balloon technology and a new pipeline technology that could provide the “most efficient way” of transporting clean hydrogen within a radius of 1,000 miles, the company said.

The newly patented Pipe-within-a-Pipe technology aims to solve the last mile issues of transporting hydrogen distribution whilst also assuring that its purity is maintained.

The technology enables this and can efficiently transport hydrogen up to 1,000 miles inside virtually any existing oil and gas pipeline, water pipe, sewer line, storm drain, or other pipelines.

According to H2 Clipper, the breakthrough technology provides the safest, most cost-effective, most readily deployable, and scalable way to address end user delivery of fuel cell grade hydrogen.

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