Spanish consortium forms for $4.4 billion green hydrogen investment

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Repsol will lead the members that are investing in 2GW of renewable H2 production by 2030.

Repsol has announced that it is heading a new 33 company and organization multi-sector consortium that will be investing in the production and use of green hydrogen in Spain.

The investment will pour €3.23 ($4.4 billion) into promoting Spanish renewable H2 production and use.

The consortium, called the Spanish Hydrogen Network (Shyne) will be investing into a spectrum of green hydrogen technologies, including the installation of 500 megawatts of renewable H2 capacity by 2025. From there, the capacity will increase to 2 gigawatts by 2030. This represents half of the Spanish government’s goal for the entire country by that year, which is 4 gigawatts of capacity.

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